The Project

The "Route 9 Active Transportation Conceptual Design Plan" is bringing together residents, merchants and government officials with transportation professionals to figure out how to:

a) provide a protected bike lane along Route 9 from the north end of Sleepy Hollow through the south end of Hastings-on-Hudson. This will make it safe and fun to get to shops, schools, friends and the bike path on the new Tappan Zee Bridge.

b) improve sidewalks, crosswalks and intersections in this corridor to make things safer and more inviting for people walking.

c) make bus stops more accessible and attractive.

The project is a collaboration of residents and officials in the Villages of Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown, Irvington, Dobbs Ferry and Hastings-on-Hudson. It's being funded by the Community Benefits Program of the New New York Bridge. We thank Todd Westhuis, the Director of Region 8 of the State's Department of Transportation, for his support and participation.

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Help Us!

Tell us where and how to make Route 9 better!

Comment on places along and around Route 9. Please put your thoughts on this map.

When redesigning a corridor, there are trade-offs. How would you strike the balance? Please fill out this survey.

Note: ONLY do the trade-off exercise if you did not do so at the public meetings. Similarly, for the map, please don't duplicate information that you put on them at the meetings.

This online comment period will end on August 9, 2017.

Successful Meetings

Many thanks to everyone who came to our public input meetings that opened the study process! 70 people participated in the Hastings-on-Hudson meeting (6/15/17) and another 70 people pitched in at the Tarrytown meeting (6/17/17).

Flyer for June 2017 public meetings

Flyers for the 6/15 & 6/17 meetings:
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